Partnership with Parents


We believe that building strong relationships with parents and carers of children at preschool benefits the child enormously. You know your child best and we want to foster a relationship with you, where you can tell us about homelife, your child's development away from preschool and give feedback to us.


Parents and carers are consulted on all issues that affect the welfare, well being, learning and development of tehir child. We ensure your child's key person shares information about their care and development on a regular basis and staff are always available to share information about your child's day.


Whilst your child is with us in preschool, we will observe and monitor their progress, and record this on Tapestry. You will have access to Tapestry when we set up your child's account and we encourage you to look at their activities at preschool and contribute to the journal with home activities.


We will also send newsletters, hold preschool events and send out questionnaires for your feedback to ensure we continue to deliver an excellent learning environment for your child.


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